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To add a .reg file silently to your Windows registry, you can use the regeditcommand. As almost always, the /sparameter is for silent and /qfor quiet. Fortunately in the near future someone will at first create a .reg file which will be distributed freely and can just be merged into our registries.

In this article, I want to help you to understand how the Windows registry works and what evidence it leaves behind when someone uses the system for good or ill. Although nearly all Microsoft Windows users are aware that their system has a registry, few understand what it does, and even fewer understand how to manipulate it for their purposes.

Windows 10 Tips: Turn On Battery Saver At 30% And Make Some Exceptions For Your Crucial Apps

As for now, the UEFI mode is the trending firmware setting that is gradually replacing the aging Legacy BIOS mode, due to its security and flexibility enhancement. To be able to boot your computer from the UEFI firmware settings, the hard disk must be built in the GPT style. Shortly, Legacy BIOS is on an MBR basis while UEFI is on a GPT basis. To enable UEFI secure boot on a support computer, you’ll need to convert MBR to GPT on a system hard disk in advance. Further, in-place upgrades have to go from 32-bit to 32-bit versions, or from 64-bit to 64-bit versions, not from 32-bit to 64-bit versions, or vice versa.

Cumulative updates are updates that bundle multiple updates, both new and previously released updates. Cumulative updates were introduced with Windows 10 and have been backported to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This should take care of automatic reboots that happen immediately after an update is downloaded and installed. This is a surprisingly effective method that will solve a host of computer issues — and it often works for Windows Update errors too. When you encounter an error message, restart your machine and try to rerun the updates. If you haven’t run Windows Update for some time, then you might have to repeat this process several times before all updates have been installed.

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This can include updating driver software so that displays, peripherals, and printers all work the way they were intended, or adding new features to existing software and the operating system itself. After you’ve completed these steps, Windows will only force restart during the set time. Expand the ‘Schedule install time’ drop-down and choose an appropriate time that suits you. Sadly, some users have reported that Active Hours don’t work after Windows 10 update download.

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