Perhaps you have spoken to a person and just what they’re looking for and got “A simple girl” responding?

Who’s this “Simple Girl” viewed on internet dating apps, social networking remarks, and online dating community forums? What does the word even imply?

What makes boys thus interested in their siren song? What’s she? Why is she very desirable?

Once I am tasked to find out exactly who the “simple girl” are, an image one thinks of: She’s nice and biddable; she replies “anything” once you query the woman exactly what she desires for dinner; she’s long hair (but of course) and appears to be an influencer; she never ever tosses a fit whenever her people was operating overtime along with his feminine peers. Sounds like a catch, eh?

Am I too quick to evaluate? If you don’t, subsequently who’s she truly, and why is this evasive straightforward female very popular on men’s “What I Hunt For” radar? Alternatively, do a lady call by herself a “simple girl” because it will inevitably snare her a particular form of man? I have to delve into this.


“Easy-going, down to earth, not dull.”

“The straightforward woman try anybody who’s contented and loves the small joys in daily life.”

The most savage: “The easy female is actually an oxymoron.”

I got wished the general public vote would make this an open-and-shut case. All things considered, matchmaking tropes like “girl next-door” or “bad boy” generally have a consensus regarding their effects. The straightforward lady, however, was eliciting polarising extremes, and that I need to find around even more.


“Tell myself, what exactly do you suggest when you state you need a ‘simple girl’?”

Thus I phone initial observe on stand: Dawn*, a woman whom freely acknowledges to being referred to as simple. a common pal urges us to consult with her, describing beginning as “a quite simple female who’s actually well-liked by guys – and that I imply that in a beneficial way”. It’sn’t a xiao mei mei who turns up meet up with me personally.

Dawn is smart, with a respectable job she is headhunted for, appears myself in the eye when she answers uncomfortable inquiries, and provides refreshingly sincere solutions. As for the girl evident appeal with men, she’s most modest about this lady magnetism – though she really does confirm she actually is at this time with a boyfriend of annually who she satisfied on a dating application.

He’s together with her, she feels, because she is genuine and an unbarred publication (“that’s just what he tells his pals as he describes precisely why he’s into me”).

“I don’t consider there’s anything negative about being labeled as quick – it mustn’t end up being confused with being simple-minded,” she places forward. “i actually do have opinions in relation to the important things such as my profession. Nevertheless when you are considering the small, daily choices, we don’t bring that numerous feedback. I’m merely really easy-going and versatile.”

She’s maybe not fussed about material items or extravagant food, and allows this lady date use the contribute on trips programs. A serious case: agreeing to a two-week trip to Europe with just a cabin-sized bag, as recommended by the lady sweetheart. But to their, it is maybe not about thoughtlessly claiming yes to every little thing he says.

“If he’s capable explain the rationale behind a choice, I’m totally okay with going alongside it,” she clarifies. “I just don’t start to see the part of arguing over little things that, when you look at the huge scheme of issues, don’t point in a relationship.”

She approved a small suitcase not out of subservience, but because she had been persuaded by his reason so it created for convenient going on several train trips. When it comes to sweeping statement that quick girl is commonly unemotional and results in decreased drama, beginning shuts they down.

“Simple doesn’t have anything to do with are mental – would youn’t become psychological regularly?” she points out.

‘No one is exempt from outbursts whenever damage or troubled. “To me, a simple girl is far more about your interests and preferences, versus exactly how psychological you’re.”

I’m maybe not confident, thus I continue searching.


So far as situation studies go, beginning was rational, gives carefully regarded responses and really stands by her views. It’s clear that I want to come across the woman male fit. And so I search. I talk to guys. We inquire about referrals. Nonetheless it appears that many people like to stays politically appropriate, or select not to incriminate themselves.

When the “simple girl” are individuals like start who’s not materialistic, and is down-to-earth and authentic, aren’t those all positive properties that people could champion? Very few males stand up to feel measured, though. But then I Have Found Ron*. Perhaps he is able to making a case for it.

Ron* try known me by women friend who is pretty sure he would getting a primary choice for deciding on ladies whom aren’t wise or opinionated (the woman terminology).

Face-to-face, Ron try thoroughly hesitant, insisting he actually is true of “strong, independent women”. The guy do state they know guys which read internet dating the easy female as making their unique life easier: “Stereotypically, the straightforward lady places decreased force on men with respect to economic objectives or exciting conversation.”

And precisely what does he imagine these guys?

“It’s her name. Men and women are entitled to live living they want. And some folks don’t would you like to bother about larger issues.”

Truly the only people we satisfy with this document exactly who generally seems to speak freely try Sam*.

“A simple woman might be what every guy just about desires,” claims Sam, controversially. He defines the lady as “not excessively certain about things, maybe not superficial, maybe not extreme in any facet of her personality”. I have already done my personal research with Sam’s exes, and that I see them to become well-spoken, bubbly and argumentative if they discover suit. If we’re speaking research, it’s maybe not including.

When questioned just how his exes squeeze into this mould, Sam admits that their terms aren’t sensible. “At the conclusion the afternoon, everybody has differences,” he states, backtracking. According to him he had been interested in his exes simply because they comprise real and good-hearted.

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